Fee Based vs. Commission

Financial advisors who are paid by the commissions they charge their clients often face a difficult choice when making client recommendations. The commission-based advisor faces the dilemma: Is this recommendation truly in my client’s best interest, or is the recommendation tainted by my need to generate personal income and/or to meet my monthly sales quota?

Another challenge that the commission-based financial advisor faces is the constant need to spend time finding new clients to generate sales and income. This business model can make it difficult to spend adequate time managing existing client relationships. Keeping up with changes in capital markets and tax laws, managing investment accounts, reviewing financial plans in light of changing circumstances and keeping clients up to date on planning opportunities are time-consuming responsibilities of a financial advisor and should be his/her top priority.

EverGreen believes that clients are best served by providing 100% fee based financial services. This business model eliminates conflicts of interest, placing the needs of clients first. This model aligns EverGreen with the needs and objectives of clients and eliminates the question on the part of the client: Is this recommendation really in my best interest?

EverGreen is a Fiduciary.

“A fiduciary is an individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money. The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another’s benefit.” - legal-dictionary.com

EverGreen works with clients in much the same manner as other professionals, such as CPAs, physicians and attorneys. We work together with clients on “the same side of the table” to provide solutions to a myriad of financial needs.

EverGreen provides client-centric, unbiased advice for a reasonable, transparent fee. Our goal is to manage our relationship with you in a manner that gives you confidence that your financial life is managed competently and in your best interest.

The EverGreen Model


Broker, selling products

Advisor, providing unbiased guidance

Working on commission

100%  fee based

House products

A variety of financial products and services from trusted vendors who compete on price for our clients’ business

Sales agent




“No tax advice allowed”

Total financial management, including tax management



Traditional brokerage

Independent financial advisor

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