Investment Management

Managing money requires several elements to be successful. An understanding of financial markets, time dedicated to following the markets, strategies to take advantage of market trends and an ability to make investment decisions that are devoid of emotions are all on the “required list.”

Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to invest your portfolio so that it will yield the return you seek with the lowest possible risk. The returns sought for your portfolio will depend upon the returns needed to accomplish your specific goals.

We analyze when you are most likely to need cash in the future as the timing of your cash needs will affect how your portfolio is invested. Timing of cash needs will also affect the mix of portfolio assets. Short term needs should be funded by cash set aside from your investment assets.

Investment Strategy – Tactical Asset Allocation

Sound investment strategy requires diversification among various asset classes. Asset classes include: U.S equities (stocks), international equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), commodities (energy, metals, food) and cash (money market instruments).

Our investment strategy differs in one important regard. We do not believe that simply diversifying among several asset classes and periodically rebalancing protects your portfolio from significant downturns or optimizes investment returns. Stock prices are determined in the same way as all other free market prices, by the law of supply and demand. Our approach uses technical analysis to identify asset classes that are exhibiting strong (and weak) demand. We tilt portfolios toward areas of strength and reduce exposure to asset classes that are exhibiting weak demand.

We also use technical analysis to evaluate client 401(k) accounts. Maximizing the value of your 401(k)s  can be an important component of  attaining your financial goals.

Socially Responsible or Values-Based Investing

If you are interested in investments that promote the “social good” we can help. It is possible to invest in companies that are doing the right thing in areas like environmental, social or corporate governance – known as ESG. Screening for socially responsible companies that support the environment, workplace and human rights, community relations, product safety, governance, business ethics, conflict-free material sources, and concerns of indigenous peoples allows us to add these investments to your portfolio if this is your desire.

At EverGreen, we care about what you care about. We are prepared to help you invest your money according to your values.

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